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>Srinivasan Narayanan — Festival Director

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Srinivasan Narayanan — Festival Director

After relinquishing my duty as the Director of the Mumbai Film Festival, I was quietly spending my time in Organic Farming in a remote village in Tamil Nadu, and dabbling in a limited way in distribution of award winning and critically acclaimed arthouse films. It was a pleasant surprise for me to have been called upon to head Singapore South Asian International Film Festival, thanks to Mr. Abhayanand Singh and Mr. Piiyush Singh. Organising a film festival in Singapore has its own dynamics, totally different from my experiences in India and elsewhere. And I am grateful for the entire Sg.SAIFF team for briefing me and get me battle ready. We have a good crop of films screening at the festival in Competition and Showcase and other sections and I am sure the Singapore audiences will enjoy watching them. I am waiting eagerly for their reactions to the selections. It is a great honour for all of us at Sg.SAIFF, that the festival will be conferring its first Lifetime Achievement Award on veteran Tamil Director, writer and actor Bharathiraja. The 3rd Sg.SAIFF is actually celebreating Bharathiraja’s creative contributions and technical innovations he brought to the film industry as a whole, and the young film makers, artists and other technicians he introduced, nurtured and inspired. It is a proud moment for the Festival.

Festival Director