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>Rajiv Menon — Jury Member

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Rajiv Menon — Jury Member

Celebrated cinematographer, director, ad filmmaker, singer, orator and teacher, 53-year-old Rajiv Menon is a man of many accomplishments. Rajiv has worked with top directors such as Mani Ratnam, Girish Karnad and Shyam Benegal. In 1984, Rajiv was sent by Prasad Studios to the US to train under cinematographer Garret Brown, best known for his invention of the Steadicam. In 1986, Rajiv founded the eponymous Rajiv Menon Productions (RMP) and began producing TV commercials. In 1995, he directed the film ‘Minsara Kanuvu’, which was was dubbed as ‘Sapnay’ in Hindi. In 2000, he helmed ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’, and his third directorial ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’ was screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2018, Shanghai Film Festival 2019 and Jecheon International Film Festival.

Jury Member