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>Piiyush Singh — Co-Founder

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Piiyush Singh — Co-Founder

This festival has been something very close to my heart. Celebrating Independent Cinema has been and is our moto at the 3rd Sg.SAIFF. After 2 successful editions, I feel very confident, the people had turned out in huge numbers and supported us and the spirit of Cinema. The audience now wants quality content and we want to provide content driven cinema for everyone to watch, making it a wholesome and rich cinema experience. This year too, we are extremely fortunate to have a jury panel with vast experience in their respective fields. Their natural knack to spot talent has brought together promising films and it is an honour to have them. Mr. Srinivasan Narayan has joined us as the Festival Director. His reputation precedes him. Mr. Ashok Purang, our previous festival director, has now become our Festival Mentor. The two maestros have brought a lot of experience and perspectives to the festival.With them driving the process and the entire teams effort, the films this year are versatile andintrigue all kinds of audiences. We believe in promoting talents who are making World class cinema and we are proud to have a platform where all kind of films and talents from South Asia can come together. I am very confident and happy with the slate of films in all the categories this year. Like each year, we strive to out-perform ourselves from the previous editions. We want to set and meet new benchmarks of expectations for the viewers and performance for ourselves. Looking forward to celebrating cinema and the spirit it stands for.