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>Jinny Nevatia — Partner & owner of Advaita

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Jinny Nevatia — Partner & owner of Advaita

I am feeling immense pride to host Sg.Saiff in its third year. Behind every successful event goes a lot of planning, customization, attention to detail, scheduling, organization and follow ups. While it is stressful, it is immensely satisfactory to see everyone’s efforts come together for the third edition of the Singapore South Asian International Film Festival. Logistical elements play a huge role in ensuring all goes well at a gala of this scale. We are ensuring we giving our guests, patrons and visitors a comfortable stay, finest food and beverage services, prompt security and transport services, for them to enjoy the film jamboree as a whole. In this edition of Sg.SAIFF, no two movies are alike and film buffs will be treated to screenings of as many as 49 titles. We are determined to offer them a smooth experience. Our competent event team will effectively plan the key elements of Sg.Saiff and hope it’s a smooth sailing for all. I am personally excited about two titles -- Bengali film ‘Ahaa Re’ and ‘Section 375’ as I am a huge fan of Akshaye Khanna. It has been a long journey since its conception. It feels like you are watching your baby grow up.

Partner & owner of Advaita