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>Amit Agarwal — Artistic Director

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Amit Agarwal — Artistic Director

Nearly four years ago, we embarked on a very challenging journey to bring a substantial film festival to Singapore. It was a dream I shared with the visionary founders that Singapore experience the very best of our cinema. Sg.SAIFF, in its third year, makes one feel that dreams do become a reality and when they do, they become a force to reckon with. In the last two years, the festival has provided an exciting new platform to South Asian filmmakers to share and showcase their work to the film lovers of Singapore. The third edition builds on that foundation and comes with an even wider selection. of films from the sub-continent. One of the unique aspects of our festival has been a conscious effort to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of cinema, something I am personally very passionate about. This year we are thrilled to engage with the newest and most democratic form of filmmaking - shooting films with a mobile phone. Technology has democratised the medium immensely, giving unprecedented level of freedom to create powerful images and tell compelling stories. These films are a powerful window to the soul of a region that encompasses more than one-fifth of humanity. I sincerely hope that the cinephiles of Singapore will take this opportunity to enjoy the cinema of South Asia and be enriched by the sheer diversity and beauty of our stories.

Artistic Director