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SAFM Rules & Regulations

Call for Entries for Sg.SAIFF Film Financing Market 2019

The Format

The market kicks off with a panel discussion around film financing followed by an open pitching session titled “Unfolding Dreams” where selected filmmakers/producers will present their film project to a panel of investors, producers and global film experts. The session will be open to selected guests who are interested in developments in South Asian cinema.

The Market office will facilitate one on meetings between filmmakers and investors/producers after the pitching session.

Based on the feedback received from the panel one of the films will be awarded as the best film project of the market. This will provide increased visibility to the chosen project and open new avenues for securing financing.

Full length  fiction feature projects with South Asian themes are invited to apply. A film that is conceptualized as a 60 minute plus project qualifies as a feature film.


The Early Bird Deadline for submissions is March 15th, 2019. The Regular Deadline is April 15th 2019. The Final Deadline is April 30th 2019.


Please visit www. sgsaiff.com for Application Forms and more details.

Contact : info@sgsaiff.com for any clarifications.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

The applicant MUST be the original copyright owner of the submitted material, or is authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner of the submitted material.

1      Full-length (running time 60 minutes or longer) feature film project with a director, producer and a production company attached;

2      The project must have a proposed budget and not fully financed; at least 30% of the total production must have been financed and proof of this funding to be part of application docket. The festival reserves the right to verify this funding and take a call on the submission.

3      Display a high market potential for Asian and/or international market;

4      Exhibit both artistic and/or commercial qualities offering a reasonable return to investors.

5      At any stage of production;

6      Priority will be given to projects that have not participated in any other project markets before.

Required materials:

1      A completed Project Submission Form (online or by post);

2      One-sentence synopsis (30 words in English);

3      Synopsis (200 words in English);

4      Treatment (1,000 words in English) ;

5      Director’s Statement (200 words in English);

6      Director’s Biography and Filmography (100 words in English);

7      Producer’s Biography and Filmography (100 words in English);

8      Production company profile (200 words in English)

9      Proof of 30% funding the production budget of the project.

9      Submission fee.

Optional materials:

1      Teaser Key image/ Project poster image (2 files max., size limit 500kb each);

2      Director’s previous work, rough cut video or footage of project ( online links).

Compile the above sequentially in a PDF file and mail along with completed application form to info@sgsaiff.com.

Rules & Regulations

  1. All Applications must be submitted in English regardless of the language of the film.
  2. Shortlisted participants will be asked to send their scripts (with dialogues, 90 – 100 pages) within 15 days of receiving a notification from the organisers. This is not a final shortlist. Final projects will be decided based on the quality of the script. The project may not be selected if there is no script.
  3. Once the project is selected, either the Producer or the Director of the project must be present in person in Singapore during the market dates.
  4. Multiple projects can be submitted. However, only one project of either the Director or the Producer will be selected.
  5. Applications will be processed only after receipt of application fee payable via link on filmfreeway.com
  6. The market will pay for return economy fare of one member ( either Director or Producer ) and hotel Accommodation for maximum 2 nights for selected projects during the market dates. All other expanses will be borne by the participants.
  7. The invited participant is required to procure the necessary conference/business visa on his/her own. SGSAIFF will provide all the necessary documents for the same. Granting of visa is at the discretion if the government of Singapore and if the visa is not secured within the timeline stipulated by the festival the project may not be included in the market.
  8. The maximum number of representatives per project who can attend one-on-one meetings is limited to 2. ( The second member may travel at his own expense). The hotel accommodation provided can however be shared by the second member.
  9.  The information on the application form cannot be edited once submitted.
  10.  Rights of admission reserved.
  11. The decision of Market organiser on selection of an application will be final and binding.
  12. SGSAIFF reserves the right to invite a project.
  13. SGSAIFF reserves the right to change Terms & Conditions of the programs without prior intimation.
  14. There is no binding number on the number of projects – the festival chooses as many projects as it deems fit, depending on the quality of submissions.


1      All submissions and supporting materials shall comply with the above eligibility and selection criteria.

2      One submission form is for one project submission only.

3      Submission fee is applied to each application and is non-refundable.

5      All submissions must adhere to word limits.

6      Unpaid submissions or submissions missing any required materials will not be processed.

7      Materials and information supplied will be treated as confidential and will be used by SGSAIFF, their affiliates or designated personnel only.

8      All materials submitted will not be returned.

10    Selected “SGSAIFF Projects” will be notified individually by early October 2018.

11    Decisions of SGSAIFF selectors  is final.


Q.) Can I apply with more than one project?

A.) Even though we accept more than one project by the same director/producer, only one project of the director or producer will be selected.

Q.) I am a writer/director attached to the project but don’t have a producer. Can I apply?

A.) No. The Co-Production market is open only to projects that have a producer attached and 30% of the finance in place.

Q.) Can we apply as an individual or do we need to be associated with a Company?

A.) Yes, you can apply as an individual. However being associated with a Company adds credibility to a project and thus places the project in a better position when compared to projects that aren’t supported by a company/organization. In addition, all international entities – funds, producers, distributors and sales agents, require the existence of a legitimate company/organization before they commit any resources.It must be noted that without the existence of a legitimate company/organization commercial,  financial and legal paper work cannot be executed.The company could either be the producer’s own company or they could be attached to a line production company.

Q.) Do you require both the story outline and the script?

A.) Only shortlisted applicants will be required to submit the script.

Q.) Is it possible to send a script instead of a story outline?

A.) No. We do not ask for the script at the application stage. However, shortlisted participants will be asked to submit their script.

Q.) If my project is shortlisted, when do I have to submit the script?

A.) You may be requested to submit the script by 2nd week of September. Some projects which are shortlisted early may be required to submit scripts earlier. However this is not an indication of final selection which is made after the final deadline.

Q.) What documents do I need to produce as the proof for the 30% of financial commitment?

A.) If your project is selected for the market, any agreements/contracts against the 30% financial commitment that you are declaring in the application form. This may also be in the form of a written commitment by an individual or a company .

Q.) Can documentary projects apply?

A.) No. Shorts, documentaries and films made for television cannot be taken into consideration.

Q.) My project has been through another market, can I apply for Sg.SAIFF Film Market?

A.) Yes. Please mention the market(s) the project has been part of prior to SGSAIFF Film Market 2018 in your application and the developments in that market for your project.

Q.) Is the application fee refundable?

A.) No. The application fee is non-refundable.