Short Films



Synopsis: Amidst communal tension outside, a dysfunctional family sits together for their customary morning meal.


Aapke Aa Jane Se

Synopsis: An under-appreciated, slightly emasculated father of two is going through the general humdrum of middle-class Indian life. Until one day, in front of many, he is unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight, making everyone around see him like never before.



Synopsis: 12-year-old Karan returns home to finds his shower has run dry. As Karan turns the shower tap full to either side, he discovers that with each full turn, time turns back. Karan is at first confused, but then decides to use the glitch in time to diffuse a domestic quarrel between his parents over a lost diamond ring. He travels back in time to the previous night a few times. But each time his attempt to salvage the situation fails. During one such attempt, the domestic help even ends up dead. Finally, Karan’s shower sprouts water and his attempts are over. Karan exits his room drenched in water. He presents his mother with her lost ring.



Synopsis: Maya is the story of a young independent working woman living in Mumbai with her mother, who suffers from incontinence.The film explores her relationship with her mother, when the daughter slowly starts taking over the role of the mother and there is a reversal of roles, and how her relationship with her mother and her ailment affects the various facets of her life including her professional and love life.



Synopsis: The story revolves around the interrogation between an affable cop and an autistic man, who has recently lost his wife to a gruesome murder and only has a cat and a parrot for company.

In the course of their conversation, the story slowly unfolds the truth behind the murder and the monster hidden in the room through an unexpected interference. The strength of the story is that it’s inspired by true events.


The Carpark

Synopsis: John is uneasy. He walks into a carpark with one hand on the phone as he speaks. He answers his wife’s questions direct. When asked about his whereabouts, he lied. As his story goes, he is now in the office, working overtime. They argue about John’s excessive work and his neglect for her. He stops his pace, and turns to peek on his surroundings to see if there was anyone following him. He said he loved her, and briefly ended the call. Rubbing off the mist on the phone with his pants, he takes another look at his wife’s photo on his phone’s home screen. He paced anxiously towards an unknown lady standing in the top floor carpark, alone.


Vande Mataram: A Dance Tribute

Synopsis: ‘Vande Mataram: A Dance Tribute’ is a musical documentary film that explores the beauty of Indian classical dance forms performed by young dancers aged 9 to 16 years. Shot in the ancient palaces of Rajasthan and thousand-year-old temples of Khajuraho in India, the film is set to a riveting new rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ – India’s national song. The Sanskrit lyrics of the song are given form through the symbolism in the dances, making this piece a delightfully poetic tribute to the motherland through music, dance and visual aesthetics. The music for the film is produced by Sai Ganesh Nagpal who is also the voice of this fresh rendition of Vande Mataram.



Synopsis: This film depicting the stages of life of a man resembles to the stages of the process of pot making and how the END of both comes together.


Pudhu Vandi (New Bike)

Synopsis: Selvam, a jaded 65-year-old retired bank officer feels isolated after scrapping his car which was his only companion. After a few stumbles to fill this void, Selvam finds a new lease of life when he makes the best out of an unlikely birthday present – an electric scooter


The Queen of Taru

Synopsis: Filmed across 6 years, it’s a story of love, survival, loss, and tact chronicling the life of the most iconic tigress; named Maya (T-12) of Tadoba, Maharashtra. From being an orphaned cub, Maya grows up to become an invincible tigress. A doting mother, Maya will go to any length to protect her cubs. But with the entry of her stepson, the family’s fate hangs in the balance. Will Maya be able to defend her cubs and her kingdom?


Screening Date: 5-Sept-19

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Venue: TBA

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Runtime:  3 hours


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