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AJAY-Synopsis: ​After a young boy commits suicide, an NGO decides to investigate the matter by interviewing the people connected to his death. These are excerpts from their archives.
KALKI-Synopsis:KALKI, is a social thriller that strongly protests against the atrocities against women including murder, rape and other harassments. The story develops through a rape victims father, who sees the news of his daughter’s rapist’s death sentence being scrapped with much shock and dismay. KALKI reminds us of the fact that, if judiciary the last hope of the common man becomes a dead pan, public might take the law in their own hands.
GLIMPSE-Synopsis:The film is about a single mother who faces an inner dilemma when forced to serve an uninvited guest in her own home. The guest appeared on the day of a brutal murder case in her residential flat area. The man told her that he was not a murderer as expected, but was an illegal immigrant who escaped from the immigration authorities.
MUM-Synopsis:An eight-year-old Mamta is struggling with her homework. She gains the attention of her always strict class teacher as she reads from the unwritten essay on Mother; leaving the class teacher distressed.
DREAMS-Synopsis:Dilip, a paper boy of twelve wants to invite Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, to his school Annual Day celebration. Kalam Sir accepts his invitation. What happens then is the rest of the story.
JUST A CUP OF TEA :A young photographer stands at the edge of a lake as she takes pictures of the beauty surrounding her. She breathes in the clean air and closes her eyes as she takes it all in, forgetting her troubles for a moment.
CHILDREN OF WHITE-Synopsis:First time and remembers that he was the man she was going to be married with, a few years back.
MAJAAL HAI-Synopsis:This is the story of one night of the life of our protagonist, Pandey who is a diligent & earnest security guard who takes his job very seriously and how a series of multiple events lead to landing him in an unpredictable and precarious situation.
BINODINI-Synopsis:25 a young widow stays in a widow ashram with Kaushalya, 55 and sees Dev, 30 for the
RELIGION FOR DUMMIES-Synopsis:Having spent days sitting in a bustling marketplace, a famished beggar finds that everyone turns a blind eye to the bowl he clutches onto, aching to receive a few coins or a piece of bread. The beggar is dismayed at the state of affairs, but soon something stirs his imagination. He observes a man, appearing to be a religious mendicant, lure credulous passers-by into giving him money in exchange for blessings and chants. Struck by this incident, the beggar decides to don a religious garb, and almost instantly sees things change for the better. He is met with new respect, and the bowl overflows with money. As his attire gets grander, so does the yield of his religious tactics. Soon enough, owing to his growing influence, he has enough followers to establish his own religion, Spinnism, operating on its own Code of Conduct. He becomes a master of conning common-folk and, quite literally, makes them spin to his tunes. With an ever-growing yield, there is no end to his megalomania. He takes to exploiting women and gains the attention of paparazzi engrossed in every action of his. In this game of power, sex, and money, he is convinced that he is invincible. The film ends with a painting of him, forever embedded on the walls of history.

Timing : 1pm- 4 pm

Venue: Screening Room,12 Ann Siang Rd #03-00, 069692

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