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Synopsis:“A talented Muslim Craftsman & a widower, Alla Rakha lives a simple life in Varanasi. For a family, he has his only son Mohammad & his best friend, Samad. Samad is a poor auto-rickshaw driver with the yearning to send his old father for holy Hajj. Alla Rakha stands amidst of religious turmoil because of his professional specialty of engraving Gods in Hindu Temples. He suffers the boycott from his community; his son doesn’t get admission in Madarsa & once police catches & beats him while entering the temple. Alla Rakha gets out of police custody on the personal assurance of the temple Trustee and a big admirer of his work, Bhagwandas Vedanti. With good luck and his elder sister Samina’s efforts, Alla Rakha finally agrees to see a girl, Sabiha, for marriage. Sabiha, who eloped with her lover and came back home when he betrayed her, thinks that Alla Rakha will refuse to marry such a girl as all the others before him have done the same. But Alla Rakha says yes even after knowing it all and they get married soon. Upon coming back home with his wife Sabiha, Alla Rakha finds out that Samad has stolen the gold from his house which Vedanti gave Alla and got arrested for it. Police also arrests Alla Rakha for the theft. Knowing that Samad did it for his father’s Hajj, Alla takes all the blame on his head but Vedanti makes him swear on his son’s life & Samad gets arrested. Samad’s father dies during his arrest. A year later Samad becomes a changed man and starts working for the religious cause. Alla gains popularity with a news article which introduces him as a God’s man, Alla Rakha, a Muslim man who works in the Hindu temples. Munna Bhaiya, Vedanti’s son an aspirant Hindu politician, gets furious of Alla Rakha as he loses his election ticket because of that article. What happens next to Alla Rakha, the cast-off from his community & disdained from Samad & Munna is the tale of Nakkash, The Craftsman.”

Rating: PG13
Screening Date: 6th Oct- Saturday 2018

Screening Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: 100 Beach Road #02-30A,Carnival Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702

Screen : 1

Language: Hindi

Movie Type: Feature Film

NOTE: All festival screenings are on free seating basis but once the payment is made, a seat will be guaranteed for you. There will be no additional ticket issued and you can just carry the paypal payment confirmation which will give you entry into the screening.

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