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Midnight Delhi (World Premier)


Synopsis:Midnight Delhi is a film exploring one of the many cruel nights of Delhi.  It tells the entangled stories of several troubled souls, whose fates are sewn together carrying all the possible version of truths each version as real as the last one. You choose yours.

Midnight Delhi is a night in search of fortunes, Love and success, longing for Hope and self – preservation, a night of chaos and judgment Questioning the vulnerability and existence of reality.

Screening Date: 12th Oct- Friday 2018

Screening Time: 8:30 PM

Venue: 100 Beach Road #02-30A,Carnival Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702

Screen : 2

Language: Hindi

Movie Type: Feature Film
Rating : M18
NOTE: All festival screenings are on free seating basis but once the payment is made, a seat will be guaranteed for you. There will be no additional ticket issued and you can just carry the paypal payment confirmation which will give you entry into the screening.

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Rakesh Rawat


Anshuman Jha,
Trimala Adhikari,
Mukesh Bhatt


Dop: Amarnath Reddy.
Sound Designer: Shankar Ramachandran
Editor: Rakesh Rawat

About Director

He is a booming independent film-maker, have made in & around more than 30 short films. Completed masters in cinematography from LV prasad film & TV academy (Chennai) in 2012 and since working in Bollywood (Mumbai). Has shot few acclaimed Award winning short film like khuli Khidki in 2013, A'very Day in 2014 & Bride coconut in 2015. Currently working on his Indi Project Midnight Delhi.