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>reviews >DAY 3- Sg.SAIFF Movie review

DAY 3- Sg.SAIFF Movie review

Lihaaf (The Quilt), a Hindi/Urdu movie and Bhoga Khirikee (Broken Window) an Assamese film, are two of the three movies that I managed to watch on Sunday were both female centrist themes. Another important similarity I felt was that both have explored meandering, chugging, pulling us but successfully through all possibilities of their respective theme.

In Lihaaf, based on a story written by Ismat Chughtai in 1942, I admired the dialogues dripping with feminism delivered so neatly by the actor laying Ismat. There are many unsaid or subtly said parts, for example the sexual orientation of the Nawab that gives a dense narration. Some of the dialogues in the court scenes are humorous and worth pondering. The weaving is seamless.

In Bhoga Khirikee, Togor from a rural village near Dibrugarh in far north of Assam, married to a millitant Koncheng. She is in for two unexpected twists to her life. One from one of the army men and the other from her husband himself. We audience do know whose child Tagor is carrying until she tells her husband. The flash backs are just right and short in monochrome.

The movies left me to think, Oh how well these actors fit into the characters. Ismat and Togor and all other!

Jayanthi Sankar
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