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Rethinking Cinema beyond storytelling in the Netflix age.


Rethinking Cinema beyond storytelling in the Netflix age.

Cinema has emerged as the the most exciting dominant medium of storytelling in the last 120 years. The struggle between the art and business of cinema is ongoing and well documented. However the internet and the ability to shoot in cheap digital formats has created a major disruption, not just in the business of cinema but also in the way filmmakers approach their work. Our panel of eminent filmmaker and film professionals share their perspectives and engage with film students and cineastes on a rapidly changing filmmaking landscape.


Amit Agarwal - Artistic Director Sg.Saiff

Panelists include :

Dr Girish Kasaravalli -Indian film director, in the Kannada cinema, and one of the pioneers of the Parallel Cinema. Known internationally for his works, Kasaravalli has garnered fourteen National Film Awards, including four Best Feature Films; Ghatashraddha, Tabarana Kathe, Thaayi Saheba and Dweepa.

Siddiq Barmak -A Golden Globe-winner Afghan film director and producer

Golda Sellam-known for her work in global cinema with Cinelink , European Commission

Marc Baschet-French producer known for Oscar Winning No Man’s Land (2001) , The Lunch Box (2013), Foxtrot (2017), Lihaaf (2018)

Date:10 th Oct
Time : -6.30 pm- 8.15 pm
Venue:Lasalle College, F-208, 1 McNally Street, Singapore - 187940

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