Bijuli Machine

Screening ticket:$ 12

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Film Language : Nepali

Film Category : Feature Film

Film Type : Competition

Director : Navin Awal

About Director: Navin Awal started his career as an Assistant Video Editor in a small production company, Movie Station in 2007. He has thirteen short films to his credit including the critically valued short film 1 Percent. He started directing television commercials and documentaries in 2010, and in the year 2016 he wrote and directed his first feature film Bijuli Machine.

 Synopsis: Bijuli Machine tells the story of two optimistic boys and their urge to resolve the everyday living problems faced by people in Nepal. The pair are driven by a sense of responsibility to make a difference to people’s lives and zealously explore possibilities in the field of science. The film shows the mechanisms of human curiosity and perseverance through this inspiring story.

Main Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Buddhi Tamang, Abhisekh Subedi, Reliza Shrestha

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