Babus Dillema

Film Language : Hindi

Film Category : Short Film

Film Type : Competition

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Director:Collin D’Cunha
Synopsis : When the beloved “Uncle” of the immigrant community in Dubai announces his impending return to India, Babu, an overworked construction worker who can barely make ends meet, must find a way to send back to the homeland an expensive gift for his wife. An engrossing and poignant character study of a man in a foreign land who finds himself at a loss over the promise of a dream that appears unattainable, while the distance from his home seems to grow by the day.

About Director: Collin D’Cunha has graduated from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). He is the co-writer, associate director and editor of his diploma film, Shyam Raat Seher, which has won two National Film Awards. His short film Mumbaikar Ganesh was awarded ‘Best Film’ at the ‘Dimensions Mumbai’ section of the 2010 Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI). It also won ‘Best Short Film’ at the Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, and screened at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles(IFFLA), 2011.

Producer: Sanjay Manchanda, Kandy D’Cunha Collin D’Cunha 
Main Cast: Ravi Kaiwart, Harpal Singh

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