A Yellow Bird

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Film Language : English

Film Category : Feature Film

Film Type : Showcase

Director: K Rajagopal 

Synopsis:After serving eight years in prison, Siva (played by veteran TV actor Sivakumar Palakrishnan) is released into the ‘free’ world outside. He is however weighed down by his marginal status and the fractures he has caused within the family. With a mother (Seema Biswa) who has rejected him, and a society that offers no respite, Siva roams the streets dejected. He befriends Chen Chen (Huang Lu), a Chinese prostitute who shares his desperation. When Siva discovers a terrible truth, he further plunges into a despairing zone between death and redemption. Yellow Bird was screened in the ‘International Critics’ Week’ at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

About Director: K Rajagopal has earlier worked in theatre and directs both television productions and independent projects. His shorts include I Can’t Sleep Tonight (1995), The Glare (1996) and Absence (1997). He has been winner of the SGIFF’s Special Jury Prize consecutively. His other films include Brother (1999), The New World (2008), Lucky 7(2008) and 7 Letters (2015). A Yellow Bird is his debut feature film.

Main Cast: Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Huang Lu, Seema Biswas

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