Farewell Goddess

Film Language : Silent

Film Category :

Film Type : Competition

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Director:  Amit Agrawal
About Director: Amit Agarwal, is a self-taught filmmaker who started his journey in cinema by assisting renowned Indian film maker Girish Kasaravalli, with his National Award winning feature film Kurmawatara. Aggarwal has also assisted Girish Kasaravalli with his recent documentary Images/Reflections. Amit Aggarwal’s other films include Son of Kali (also part of the festival screenings) and Ek Khass Aadmi which premiered on Indian television channel, NDTV.

Synopsis: Farewell Goddess is a documentary based on the most important street festival of West Bengal, Durga Puja. The film is particularly interested in the last ritual of the festival, which involves submerging the festival deity into the water and bidding goodbye after an almost two-week’s long frenetic celebration. The film maker raises philosophical questions about this curious ritual and the unceremonious dumping of the idol after the festival.

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