There's Always Tomorrow

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Film Language : Malayalam (English Subtitles)

Film Category : Feature Film

Film Type : Showcase

Additional Screening of :Pu,1869,Simon Go Back,Azad

Director: Shilpa Krishnan Shukla

Synopsis: Pularum Iniyum Naalekal revolves around ex-lovers Anthony & Durga, who are now happily settled in their respective marriages. The two have a chance meeting after a gap of eight years, a meeting that unexpectedly turns into one that of self-discovery and new beginnings. It is a simple tale set in the picturesque backdrop of deserts and oases, reaffirms that with a little openness to new perspectives and a dash of optimism, life is a beautiful journey of possibilities.

About Director:
Shilpa Krishnan Shukla has been pursuing film making as a passionate hobby and writes, produces and directs her films. She focuses on independent and low budget films. 
Her passion for film making developed when her first two ventures, both minute-long films, were shortlisted in the ‘top 25 films’ of an online film festival. 
Her recent films include low budget feature Mausams (2011), which has traveled to film festivals in India, Bangladesh, and U.S.A and won a Silver Screen Award at the 2011 Nevada Film Festival. Her short film Aravindum Aarumughamum was screened at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, 2015, and another short film Inganeyum Oru Katha (2012) has been a viral hit on YouTube garnering close to 400,000 views. Shukla is also full-time Marketing Director in a healthcare company and lives in Singapore with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. She is an avid reader, a trained Indian classical dancer, an artist, and yoga enthusiast. 

Cast:Balaraman Kunduvara, Gayathri Gopal

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