Film Language : Bengali

Film Category : Short Film

Film Type : Competition

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Director:  Amit Agrawal
About DirectorAmit Agarwal a self taught filmmaker, started his journey in cinema by assisting Girish Kasaravalli, the master Indian filmmaker on his National Award Winning feature film "Kurmawatara". He assisted Mr Kasaravalli on a recent documentary “Images/Reflections”, based on Mr Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

 "Ek Khaas Aadmi" (2015) premiered on NDTV Prime Channel. 
He was selected for the NFDC Directors lab in 2014. 
The short film "Son of Kali" examines the minority complex in the Indo-Bangladesh context . 
"Farewell Goddess”, a short documentary, asks a big question about mans abusive relationship with nature. 
He writes on cinema at and gives public lectures on Indian Cinema in Singapore. He is working on a book on Indian Art House classics.

Synopsis: Fleeing a genocide against Hindus in Bangladesh, Probir reaches India in the middle of a major Hindu festival. An evening of intense religious euphoria follows and Probir feels he is like a child in a religious Disneyland. He is being accompanied by his childhood Muslim friend Anuar, who is enjoying the Hindu festival in his own hedonistic way. But Mother Goddess has other plans for him.

Producer: Shalini Jalan 
Main Cast: Subrat Dutta, Chandan Ghosh

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