Film Language : Silent

Film Category : Short Film

Film Type : Competition

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Director: J.Bibin  Joseph

About Director: J Bibin Joseph is an independent film maker from Kerala, India. Joseph has assisted director Sanal Kumar Sasidharans on the Hivos Tiger award winning film Sexy Durga and is currently assisting the same director for his next film Death of Insane. Pu, Joseph’s first venture is a crowd funded film. Joseph has also made a documentary film titled Autobiography of a Stray Dog.

Synopsis: This short film is entirely shot in a small public toilet. The plot of the movie starts with a man running into a public toilet to answer the call of nature after a long tiring journey. The protagonist feels like taking a bath and removes his clothes and keeps his belongings near the ventilator. Soon, he realizes that all his belongings are stolen and he is trapped. He shouts for help but in vain. Finally, he has an unexpected realization and eventually leaves the toilet naked.

Producer: Crowd Funded 
Main Cast: Bilas Nair

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