Her First Time

Film Language : Hindi

Film Category : Short Film

Film Type : Competition

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Director: Divya Unny
About Director: Divya Unny has worked as a journalist in Mumbai for the past 12 years. She is also a dancer and an actor. She has been part of numerous plays in both Hindi and English, and has acted in films like Aligarh, Traffic and the upcoming Tilki and Laxmi Bomb, and also numerous television commercials. Her First Time is Divya’s first attempt as a writer and director and she hopes to direct more such short films themed around women’s issues. Divya is currently also working on her first feature film (a period drama), and is soon going to be a published author with her first non-fiction book on the film industry of Mumbai.

Synopsis: The film presents the events of a day when a girl gets her first menstruation cycle and how her family helps her cope with it.

Producer: Sudhir Kartha 
Main Cast: Veena Nair, Satyajit Sharma, Vedika Nanwani

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