Withered Leaf

Screening ticket:$ 12

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Film Language : Sinhalese

Film Category : Feature Film

Film Type : Competition

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Director : Duminda Sanjeewa

About Director :Duminda Sanjeewa, is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has created several music videos and films and carries a deep interest in motion graphics. His film Withered Leaf has been screened at the 57th Asian Pacific Film Festival, Hangzhou, China, 16th Imagine India International Film Festival 2017, Madrid, Spain and 2016 Film Bazaar Recommends (FBR), India.

Synopsis :The film is based on the life of Kusumalatha, a typical village woman who lives in Sri Lanka. The story begins with her husband’s sudden death. A widow and single mother, Kusumalatha struggles to live her life without any support, her family having abandoned her for marrying a man from the lower caste. Kusumalatha has to deal with unwelcomed advances from the village men but continues to bravely face the harsh realities. Her life becomes more difficult however, when the owners of the only well in the village refuse her access to it. The film shows her eventual breakdown when she is unable to provide for her son.

Main Cast: Chaminda Sampath Jayaweera, Manuranga Wijesekera, Thushari Wehella

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