Chronicles of Hari

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Film Language : Kannada

Film Category : Feature Film

Film Type : Competition

Director : Ananya Kasaravalli

Synopsis:Set in the lush coastal regions of Karnataka, Chronicles of Hari delves into the unique, ornate world of traditional Yakshagana theater and finds within it a sensitive, compassionate portrayal of a man troubled by questions of tradition and identity. In this story co-written with Ananya’s father, parallel cinema pioneer Girish Kasaravalli, Hari, a renowned actor who performs the female roles in his all-male acting troupe, finds himself holding on to certain female-associated traits once his lavish costumes and makeup are removed. He prefers to wear a sari, his delicate features are a stark contrast from the other men in the village, and when potential female companions approach he’s at a loss as to how to behave.

About Director: Ananya Kasaravalli has a masters degree in film making from L.V.Prasad Film and TV academy, Chennai. Born into a family of film makers, her interest in film making has been a natural extension. She has acted in films, television and theater productions before starting to direct her own films. A young film director, Ananya has won many awards for her short film Wasiyat Nama, and documentaries on transfeminity – Beyond Binary and Kappu Kallina Shaitan.

Main Cast: B.V. Shrunga, K.G. Krishnamurthy, Champa Shetty

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