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Film Language : Malayalam

Film Category : Feature Film

Film Type : Competition

Feature Film


Synopsis: Ottayaal Paatha or The Narrow Path is a film about a father and son who live together in a slum. The father, Vikraman, used to work as a cleaner but is now partly paralyzed and is restricted to his bed and wheel chair. His son, Akhil, is trained as a software engineer but has been unemployed for a long time. The film depicts the happenings of a single day when Akhil finally manages to find a job in another city, Bangalore and plans to shift there with his girlfriend, Nina. Vikraman is however unable to convey the news to his ailing father. Later in the day Vikraman accuses Akhil of trying to kill him. This sets of a fight that gets out of hand and leads to unexpected events.

About the Directors: Satish Babusenan and Santosh Babusenan are brothers. They started their career as cinematographers and producers shooting music, corporate and short films. In 2015, they made their first feature Chaayam Poosiya Veedu (The Painted House). In 2016, they made their second feature film Ottayaal Paatha (The Narrow Path). Both films are jointly written, cinematographed and directed by the brothers. Satish has an M.Des degree from IIT Bombay and Santosh, has completed his PhD in film studies.

Main Cast: K. Kaladharan,Sarath Sabha, Krishnapriya

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