Inmuvi Entertainment Ventures Private Limited

InMuviEntertainment is a versatile film production company that is steadily gaining a stronghold in the Indian film industry. Apart from offering production services to mainstream Indian films and international productions, InMuviEntertainment is also seriously involved in preliminary developing stories into successful films. The company's recent foray into independent film production has also led the producers to explore the international co-production markets, having represented several projects at premier world film markets. What is distinctive about InMuviEntertainment is the synergy with which production is carried out for each film, bringing together the right crew and the appropriate approach, keeping in tandem with what the film requires. The idea is to create a pool of new and young talented filmmakers who have unique stories to share with the world. Our inspiration comes from the fact that the Indian film industry is changing and exploring new forms of content, paving the way for us to back strong content driven films that will not only work at premier film festivals worldwide but also win hearts and the box office in India.