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Singapore South Asian Film festival (Sg.SAIFF) is excited to announce a major new initiative "The South Asian Film Market (SAFM)". We understand that the path of acquiring funds for an independent film is quite long and often frustrating. While there seems to be a dearth of financial resources on the film maker's side, there are numerous investors who are looking for a diversified portfolio and see films as emerging assets. SAFM endeavours to bridge this gap between the film makers and the potential investors by bringing them together on a common platform where both can leverage on each others potential and SAFM will hand hold both of them through the actual signing of the deals.

Film Market Date:14 OCT

Two Steps

  • 1) Make Payment
  • 2) Fill form using the payment Id
  • Submit Script Payment :
  • Submit Film Payment:

1. All Applications must be submitted in English regardless of the language of the film.

2. Shortlisted participants will be asked to send their scripts (with dialogues, 90 – 100 pages) within 15 days of receiving a notification from the organisers. This is not a final shortlist. Final projects will be decided based on the quality of the script. The project may not be selected if there is no script.

3. Once the project is selected, either the Producer or the Director of the project must be present in person in Singapore during the market dates.

4. Multiple projects can be submitted. However, only one project of either the Director or the Producer will be selected.

5. Applications will be processed only after receipt of application fee payable via link on

6. The market will pay for return economy fare of one member ( either Director or Producer ) and hotel Accommodation for maximum 2 nights for selected projects during the market dates. All other expanses will be borne by the participants.

7. The invited participant is required to procure the necessary conference/business visa on his/her own. SGSAIFF will provide all the necessary documents for the same. Granting of visa is at the discretion if the government of Singapore and if the visa is not secured within the timeline stipulated by the festival the project may not be included in the market.

8. The maximum number of representatives per project who can attend one-on-one meetings is limited to 2. ( The second member may travel at his own expense). The hotel accommodation provided can however be shared by the second member.

9. The information on the application form cannot be edited once submitted.

10. Rights of admission reserved.

11. The decision of Market organiser on selection of an application will be final and binding.

12. SGSAIFF reserves the right to invite a project.

13. SGSAIFF reserves the right to change Terms & Conditions of the programs without prior intimation.

14. There is no binding number on the number of projects - the festival chooses as many projects as it deems fit, depending on the quality of submissions.

I agree to the terms and conditions.