Amit Agarwal

After his formative years in Kolkata, Amit Agarwal pursued an MBA degree at a premier business school in India. Amit has worked in the agricultural sector in Africa, India and Europe for over 10 years before deciding to pursue his passion for cinema. He has assisted Mr Girish Kasaravalli, the master Indian filmmaker on his acclaimed National Award Winning feature film Kurmawatara (The Tortoise, An Incarnation). He has been the associate director to Mr Kasaravalli’s documentary based on the films of Adoor Gopalakrishnan called Images/Reflections. His first short film Ek Khaas Aadmi (A Special Man, 2015, premiered on NDTV Prime Channel. His feature film script for A Long Tunne was selected for the prestigious NFDC Director’s Lab in 2014. Recently he has written and directed a short film Son of Kali and a short documentary Farewell Goddess which are now making festivals rounds across the globe. He pursues “Film Evangelism” at and gives public lectures on Indian Cinema. He is working on a book on Indian Art House Film Classics.